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I am a teacher of English. I have been teaching for 18 years. English grammar is my specialty, as well as other aspects of the English language.
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Publications: "Dream and awakening in the " Garden Party " Katherine Mansfield ", "Metonymy in English, German and Ukrainian Languages ​​", " Compara ...
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I've been a part of an English teachers' team for 12 years. During this time, I have doubled my teaching skills as well as multiplied my knowledge of ...
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A Result-Oriented writer with special technical skills that assure you of plagiarism-free work and content of impeccable quality.
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Masters degree in Finance, English certificate
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Hi! I am a lifelong student of business--particularly economics, finance, and taxation. I love to share my knowledge with people who need help with th ...
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  • The NASA atlas of the Solar System
    The NASA atlas of the Solar System
    Greeley, R., Batson, R. M.
    Offered by Greg Richards from University of Houston
  • DNA Science: A First Course, Second Edition
    DNA Science: A First Course, Second Edition
    David Micklos
    Offered by Sam_D from Florida Polytechnic University
  • C++ For Dummies (7th Edition)
    C++ For Dummies (7th Edition)
    Stephen R. Davis
    Offered by Vortex from Montclair State University

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