Learning Mentor Jobs Opens You to a World of Opportunities

Earn money by sharing your knowledge

  • Are you a bright student?
  • Are you sure you know something better than your peers?
  • Would you like to share your knowledge and opinions with other people?
  • Would you like to get paid for all of this?

If you have answered “Yes” to most of these questions, you might be the right person to mentor others on our website!

LearnOK provides you with a unique opportunity to convert your skills and knowledge into money via our program “Peer Mentors.”

A mentor is a person helping other people solve their problems and questions on the course he or she has already successfully passed. After you pass our qualification tests, you will become a fully authorized mentor and will be able to work on customers’ orders.

A mentor enjoys a number of privileges:
  • Getting paid

    This is an obvious one. Where else can you earn money by simply answering questions people ask you? Mentorship could be just the right choice for you!

  • Getting tutoring experience

    Tutors are professional and highly qualified, and respectively, they earn even more money. You have all the chances to become one of our tutors after a period of peer mentoring.

  • Helping people

    You can really help people without having to put your superhero costume on. Academic assistance is extremely important and valuable to thousands of people worldwide. So go for it!

Enroll for our “Peer Mentoring” program, and start earning money.
The world needs you!

How many times do you end up helping a friend or tutoring someone from school you don’t even know? Probably a lot, and it’s great that you can be so generous from time to time, but what if you could gain something from helping others? Become a part of our community and you will get paid for mentoring fellow students.

A mentor is someone who has already passed a training course and is ready share his or her experience with peers who might have trouble with the same subjects and problems. You can become an authorized mentor here, at LearnOk, and start working with customers in no time, training them to become better students. It is a kind of job full of possibilities. You can arrange a flexible schedule and work from any location in which you feel most comfortable. This job can be your primary source of income or additional income, but if you work hard, it will pay. However, the best part of this job is that your help can actually make a positive impact on somebody else’s life.

What Does a Mentor’s Job Entail?

Mentoring jobs don’t come easy. Commitment and passion for coaching are in the job description, and such requirements are not for everyone. But if you want to apply your skills and experience in a subject of your choice, go for it. All you need from a technical perspective is a PC and steady Internet connection. Excellent English and communication skills are essential, obviously, but teaching experience is a nice addition to your skill set. Sharing knowledge and helping others to acquire new skills, however you put it, the essence of being a mentor is to help the youth study. They ask questions and you help them find the right answer or solution to a problem. A mentor’s job is to help students adapt to the learning process and to develop an understanding of the courses they are studying. Moreover, you will earn money for taking such a responsibility after becoming a fully authorized mentor. A good mentor is familiar with all the requirements and expectations students face in order to receive a good education. If you have all necessary qualifications and are considering joining peer mentoring programs, we welcome you with open arms.

Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

Money is not the only benefit you can get from mentoring students. You can actually achieve some of your professional goals that open up to new opportunities.

  • You can improve communication skills while interacting with customers and taking part in their learning activities.
  • Mentoring is a good addition to your CV, as it develops or improves your leadership and managerial skills. Making sure a student is on his best behavior is good experience in general.
  • People recognizing you for your skills and experience is a great motivator to improve even further, maybe even explore new subjects of study.

Knowing that you are one of the primary resources on which students rely when something goes south with their homework is quite the experience. It is also one of the best academic careers to have.

Apply Your Skills in Mentoring

The mentoring business is a fast developing field; it is no wonder you can find many vacancies online. Choose a job with us, and you will have you own online workplace that you can take anywhere you go. We already have mentors from some great schools from the U.S. North and West. Joining us will be a great experience for you, not to mention a head start in any career. Register, pass the qualifications test, and start working. It’s as easy as that!

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