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General Questions

  • So, what are you guys doing?

    We help people with their academic assignments and studying in general. Regardless of whether you study in college or university, our experts are always ready to assist you. Any problems you have with studying, writing papers, research, or campus life, you can share with us and we will find a solution for them. We are a small website with a large community, where you can find professional and peer-to-peer assistance, contacting people worldwide. Dude, your next-door neighbor might be the person helping you with your homework!

  • Sounds too good to be for free, right?

    It depends. You have to pay for qualified expert services such as tutoring and mentoring, online consultations, and so on. However, you can always ask questions to other students registered on LearnOK, and get free help in Discussions. The only big difference is time needed for your problem to be solved (paid experts do it faster, within just 1-3 hours).

  • Okay, but I can name like 20 other services doing the same thing. What makes you special?

    Our approach. People in our community are categorized under universities, colleges, and schools they study at, so you can always address your questions to people studying right beside you, and at the same time as you. This way, even our free services provide you with the most relevant and timely assistance. All the queries asked and resolved form a free-to-access database available for everyone. Besides, starting from 2017, we are planning to add some new features like the trading and exchanging of educational materials, with prices much lower than you can possibly find elsewhere.

Service Questions

  • I am feeling lazy - can you help me with my assignments? Like, write a paper for me, or something?

    It would be a piece of cake for us, although writing papers is not what we typically do. Anyways, just specify the type of academic assignment, discipline, and topic, and notify our experts about the desired deadline and price you are ready to pay. Our experts will bid for your order, you will choose the one whose bid suits you the most, and voila! consider your order done. You can also ask someone to work on your order for free - it is also possible, but in this case we cannot guarantee it will be delivered in time.

  • Who are the smart guys working for you? Are they really as smart and competent as you say?

    Since LearnOK is mainly a student community, you will most likely be addressing your issues to your peers; respectively, the quality of assistance you get can vary. But, speaking of our professional paid tutors, yes, they are really as smart, competent, and awesome as we advertise (all of them, by the way, have verified university diplomas - we carefully check every tutor we hire to make sure they are competent, knowledgeable, and professional). It might be most wise to use their help in everything related to disciplines, research, and factual information on your subject. But, there are still things students are more knowledgeable in, even compared to our super-duper experts: campus and college life, for example, personalities of professors who teach you, tips and tricks on accomplishing assignments, and so on. Our student mentors - selected as thoroughly as tutors - can help you with all this, and with your assignments, for free! This is just way too good!

  • I need my answers, like, right now!

    Well, if you use the services of our tutors, it only takes 1-3 hours for our paid experts to provide you with the assistance you need (unless you want them to write a dissertation). Just post your question on the dashboard, and specify that you want our tutors to apply for it. Also, you might want to take a look at our “Discussions” section - this is actually what we are really proud of. “Discussions” is the place where you can post your question, and then simply watch as people swarm in the comments replying to your query, solving your problem, arguing with each other, throwing useful links and resources left and right, and so on. However, the time range within which people help you may vary from 10 minutes to several days. So, if you are short in time, use this option at your own risk.

  • I am Robin Hood and Batman in one flask, I want to help students on LearnOK. Do I get something for this?

    Hey, you are not truly Batman if you want something in return. Come on, where is your spirit of solidarity and adventure? Well, the good news is that there is a way for you to benefit from helping other people. It’s like a superhero’s job. You can become a mentor and start earning money by providing paid assistance to other people! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Besides, by participating in our “Discussions” you contribute to creating a large free database of questions and answers, available for all users.

  • Do you, like, send my complete orders/answers by mail or something?

    Every user on LearnOK has his or her profile containing the information about their place of study, asked and answered questions, and so on. It also has a tab called “My Questions,” in which you can see both taken and placed questions of yours. All the operations with questions (payment, uploading and downloading, revision, and so on) will appear in this tab.

  • What are the prices for getting help from tutors and peer mentors?

    Before a writer takes up your order, you must specify your budget; based on it, tutors will start bidding. Choose the one whose price suits you, check out his or her profile (reputation, qualification, percentage of complete orders, the color of their socks), and wait for your query to be resolved.

  • How does an answer to a question typically look like?

    Our tutors and mentors strive to provide you with answers that fully discuss and explain the subject raised in questions. This means your answers are not offhand, but are detailed and scrupulous. In fact, you might ask a short and seemingly simple question, such as, “Why is the sky blue?” (which is not a simple one, but anyways), and get an answer in 750-1125 words explaining the physical laws and processes standing behind the sky’s color. In other words, our experts provide as full answers as possible, so sometimes an answer to your question might be a solution to your whole assignment. Please mind that an answer’s length is not necessarily an indicator of its completeness; sometimes short answers contain as much info and are as helpful as long ones. When placing an order, you can specify whether you would like to get to know only the essentials, or a full answer with all the details.

Security Questions

  • I don’t want my personal info to be disclosed to anyone. Is your service confidential?

    Don’t worry, we fully understand the risks you take. Our services are fully confidential, so you can get and provide help without worrying that your alias will be disclosed (to teachers, or your mom, for example). Also, all the information about your financial transactions and requested services is safe.

  • How do I know that you won’t trick me?

    You pay only after you get what you need. Transactions on LearnOK occur in several stages:

    1. you choose a tutor, and automatically agree with the deadline and price he or she offers;
    2. money is automatically withdrawn from your bank account and suspended on our platform, and the tutor becomes assigned to you;
    3. you receive the answer or other assistance, and only after you confirm it (agreeing that you are satisfied with it) the money goes to the tutor.
  • Are all the transactions made on your website safe?

    We do not receive and/or process the credentials of your account, banking card, and other personal information. The payment is processed by PayPal. It informs us of the result - that’s it.

Payments and Refunds

  • I hate you and your services. Give me back my money!

    We are sorry to hear that, and we truly value your opinion and contribution to our website. Here is how you can get a refund: you apply for a refund, we analyze your refund request, and either return the full sum of money to you, or provide you with a partial refund. However, if we do not see any specific reasons for a refund except your attitude (and of course, we cannot even assume you trying to get your money back after receiving competent and accurate assistance!), your request will be denied.

  • I want a 50% discount on your services and a helicopter!

    And we want a yacht and free food forever. But a heli is a good choice too - you’ve got class.

  • I am so smart and cunning, I got what I needed and then withdrew the money. Your move, LearnOK!

    We heavily rely on your decency and honesty. However, if you really did this awful thing (how could you!), we will have to close your account, and you will not be able to use our services in the future.

  • Are the refunds full or partial?

    It depends on each particular case. We analyze your request, the answer you received, and depending on whether the answer is partially or completely irrelevant, we decide on the amount of money we can return to you.

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