Honor code

Set of ethical principles our users should follow

When we launched LearnOK, we had all the difficulties in mind that a student may face while studying. We intended to create a website where you can find answers to your academic questions. Having a community where both students and tutors can answer and discuss practically any question, you get something more than just a way to do your homework or to pass a test. We firmly believe that LearnOK is a place where you can learn how to study and do research effectively, find solutions to your academic problems faster, and become a better student. We give you such an opportunity and in return we would like you to act honestly and use our service in a proper manner.

There are several things that we consider misuse:

  • Copying and using materials from our website and claiming them as your own.
  • Using materials from LearnOK for cheating. In other words, submitting them as a work completed by you, instead of using them as reference materials.
  • Actions that in any way infringe on copyright laws.
  • Other activities that are considered inappropriate by your teachers or your academic institution.

Using our service for cheating is a real waste of the opportunities it offers. Having so many useful study materials at your disposal, it would be unreasonable to use it just to copy ready answers to your questions. You pay money for getting an education, and if you're not concerned about studying, you're just pouring money down the drain.

Moreover, almost all academic institutions are capable of detecting plagiarism nowadays, so you are likely to be caught. And if that happens, the consequences may be dire. That is why we strongly encourage you to adhere to the principles of academic honesty.

If you want to help us improve our Honor Code, we're open to all your suggestions. Contact us anytime.

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