Not that many people enjoy remembering dates and reading history textbooks. It is common for students to feel bored or disinterested in history classes. Some students even fail history classes because they don’t want to sit down and memorize tons of dates and events like a robot. How can these disenchanted students find a solution to their boredom and disinterest? Ask a classmate or look for websites with answers online?

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Be aware, however, that not all your questions will get detailed answers or will be responded to in a timely manner. There are two services on our website — basic and advanced — and they have their roles. When using our basic service, all community members are able answer your questions or help you with your assignment, but without a deadline or a requirement for the thoroughness of answers. On the other hand, when using our advanced service, you pay a small fee to an expert in history to answer your questions within an exact period of time and in a detailed manner that free members don't usually act upon.

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