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My tutoring experience started after finishing my university studies, where my favorite subjects were English, literature, psychology, education, and ...
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I have university tutorial experience in business/management and public administration. Also, I can provide tutoring services in education/psychology, ...
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After graduation, I started providing translation and tutoring services. I’ve tutored people in the English, Ukrainian and German language, as well as ...
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Have 9 nine years of tutoring experience. I can help in studying English, Japanese, Russian, and Ukrainian. Besides this, I am fond of literature, psy ...
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I have been working as an English and literature teacher for 5 years. I enjoy my job and improve my skills all the time. I am also passionate about ph ...
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I have a vast experience in tutoring. I was 17 when I got my first student for teaching English. I have many students now and I also translate for Ukr ...
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College stuff

  • The NASA atlas of the Solar System
    The NASA atlas of the Solar System
    Greeley, R., Batson, R. M.
    Offered by Greg Richards from University of Houston
  • DNA Science: A First Course, Second Edition
    DNA Science: A First Course, Second Edition
    David Micklos
    Offered by Sam_D from Florida Polytechnic University
  • C++ For Dummies (7th Edition)
    C++ For Dummies (7th Edition)
    Stephen R. Davis
    Offered by Vortex from Montclair State University

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