Who determines moral principles in a particular society?

Who determines moral principles in a particular society?


Any society consists of people, who determine the moral principles of co-existence, collaboration, moral duties and obligations. Since these categories differ from culture to culture, we suppose that the very terms of existence have pre-determined those moral obligations, like, for example, in Eastern and Latin American cultures old people left to die in the isolence, in European cultures parents hoped to be supported by their children while getting older, etc.<br />Nowadays moral principles can be moduled by religious, public and governmental bodies, and we witness numerous changes:<br />homosexual marriages, legalization of cloning and some drugs, intrusion of governmental bodies into the process of children growing up, nursing homes, etc. Such examples are becoming habitual and wide-spread, gradually turning into societal norms.<br />

Answered by Seabeauty

Modal principles are strongly reflected in the humans nentality and traditional. That is some African tribes will share one modal principles and Europeans will other.<div>Thus, that are people who determine modal principles in a particularly society.</div>

Answered by Christi

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