What do you know about studying in UK?


ONE: British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation, with students in the United Kingdom encouraged to develop their potential while enjoying a full social life.

TWO: It’s easy to research the right course for you by visiting the UCAS website. Everyone who goes to UCAS.com has access to the Course Search database containing details of around 38,000 courses from archaeology to zoology.

Answered by sahilmalhotra578

In terms of Global comparisons of last year, US Universities were considered to be at the top but they have been losing dominance mostly to UK. In fact UK has been rated as the second best, but as per the analysis, UK almost outwits US. In my View, studying in the UK may be much better.

Answered by U294595

British certificates, diplomas and degrees are considered the best in the world and certainly the most prestigious. The education received in England is a solid foundation for any career and guarantee a high salary. There are a lot of foreign students, and their education has long been rooted practice of the British Kingdom. The diversity of nationalities is an integral part of any university in the UK. Education combines traditions and modern technologies. UK loyalty to foreign students makes learning there absolutely accessible to all.

Answered by rainforest
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You have a point Rainforest

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