How does one write a great research paper?

How does one write a great research paper?


This is how I go about writing a scientific research paper. It is not the best piece of advice, but it works for me. And, of course, I am still a student and I am still learning to get better at this process.Things to do before you start writing:Decide on the journal: you need to find the best suited journal for your work, and usually your adviser will help you with this.Decide on organization: the subparts, and how exactly you want to group your results.Decide on figures: I usually have a .ppt document for every project I work on, and keep a record of all the data. Once you have enough data to write it up, you can sit with your adviser and decide on the figures that best represent your results.Make the figures: you want to make good quality figures, so spend some time making your plots/graphs perfect. Size them to the journal requirements, print them out, and see if everything is legible.Download LaTeX: get familiar with using LaTex if you haven't been using it.Once the figures are ready, and you know how you are going to organize your work, you can start writing.Now, the writing process:This is the order I follow...Methods: I usually start writing the methods section. It is the easiest section to write, as this is one section you know really well.Results: Once I am done with the methods, I write the results section.Discussion: This takes more time, as you want to make all the connections with existing work.Conclusion: Once you have written the above three sections, this should be fairly easy.Introduction: I write my introduction in the end, as I find it to be the most time-consuming. And it is a good idea to keep track of all the papers you read to make this easier.Abstract: This is the last section I write. Also, once you have written the whole paper, it is easier to summarize your findings.

Answered by Malou Rasmussen

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