How does one use CMMS with SCADA? What is the correct software package to use? W ...

How does one use CMMS with SCADA? What is the correct software package to use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this software?


Your question is backwards. It should be “how do I use a SCADA with CMMS”.The CMMS work order module (with or without SCADA) will generate maintenance work orders in 4 categories.CRM – Corrective Maintenance (something’s broken – fix it)PVM - Preventive maintenance – repetitive work orders triggered by a scheduling calendar. Change the oil, routine inspection, tighten bolts, etc.PDM - Predictive maintenance – vibration surveys, oil analysis, etc. (also repetitive per calendar)SDM – Planned Shutdown Job– work that can only be done during an outageSCADA integration may trigger work order type 1, 2 or 3.SCADA alarms can indicate immanent equipment failure, thus triggering a type 1 work order.The SCADA can maintain a record of equipment running hours since last PVM or PDM. When the run time has been exceeded, work order type 2 or 3 could be triggered.Additionally, the SCADA can be configured to report when your process has stopped (or failed). This information along with the root cause could be reported to the CMMS, typically to be output for your daily maintenance meeting (assuming you have those).I have designed CMMS systems for large industrial plants, but have no experience with SCADA integration, companies, or pricing. You might start with CWorks--you will have to Google it since the URL is quite long. CWorks has a free basic open source version for one PC that will give you an idea of its strengths.Or simply Google CMMS with SCADA.Bear in mind that an off-the-shelf CMMS/SCADA system may not integrate with your warehouse and/or purchasing activities nor provide for a documents library that is typically linked to your equipment list. You need to understand all the possible functionality of an integrated CMMS before considering the SCADA link.

Answered by Apolline Fabre

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