I understand the basics of the center of mass, but I'm having a hard time with this wire one: "A uniform piece of wire, 20 cm long, is bent in the center to give it an L-shape. How far from the bend is the center of mass?" If you could help that'd be great. Thank you!


The distance of the center of mass of the wire from the bend depends on the shape of the bent wire. If the piece of wire is bent into a right angle (angle of 90 degrees), then the center of mass would be located at the bend. However, if the piece of wire is bent to form an angle less than 90 degrees, then the center of mass will be located closer to the angle's vertex (point of intersection). To calculate the exact distance from the bend, you will need to know the exact angle formed and use the formula for finding the center of mass for a uniform wire.

Answered by melaniehoover

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