A 220lb worker loses 8 pounds of sweat during the day. All of the sweat evaporates. How much heat will he lose through evaporation? (Hint. Convert all measures to metric)


The worker weighs 99.79 kg. 8 pounds is 3.63 kg. The worker will lose 149,133 Joules of heat through evaporation, since the latent heat of vaporization of sweat is about 1,850 J/g. This means that for every gram of sweat that evaporates, 1,850 Joules of heat energy will be lost. To find the total heat energy lost, we multiply 3.63 kg of sweat by 1,850 J/g of sweat to get the total amount of 149,133 Joules of heat lost through evaporation.

Answered by Elizabeth

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