What is the speed of the wave represented by y(x, t) = A sin(kx − ωt),where k = 7.0 rad/cm and ω = 3.6 rad/s? answer should be in cm/s I tried to subtract 7-3.6= 3.4 which is wrong and I also divided 7/3.6=1.94 , but that is wrong too. I don't know how to do this. Please help. Thanks!


The speed at which the wave travels (or "propagates") is known as the phase velocity, which is related to the angular frequency ω and the wave number k according to the formula: v = ω/k In this case, the phase velocity is: v = 3.6 rad/s/7 rad/cm = 0.51 cm/s

Answered by goldenmario

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