What is the absolute worst thing to tell a child? I need an answer for my child ...

What is the absolute worst thing to tell a child? I need an answer for my child psychology class.


The worst thing to tell the child is to repeat that he is not capable of doing anything, that he will fail by all means, and that nobody loves him. Those are crucially ruining things to tell to any child<br />

Answered by Seabeauty

My mother had moods when words just flew out of her mouth. She was like a volcano ... and her words were hot and hurtful and damaging. When I was little ... all I could do was try and hide. But my mother was impossible to hide from.Her arguments always started like this ...Are You Listening?Spoken in that tone of voice which ALWAYS made me cry.Look at me!The sound of her voice and the look on her face terrified me ... so I cried.STOP CRYING!But I couldn't stop ... so she slapped me HARD on the face. She'd take her long beautiful fingers ... with her bright blood red nails ... and slap me. And then she'd rage even more.SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO?! Everything ... EVERYTHING ... was always MY fault. So I cried ... I ALWAYS cried.Do You Want More?By now, I was so terrified I couldn't stop crying.Stop crying or I'll REALLY give you something to cry about!The more she shouted at me to stop crying, the louder I cried.SHUT UP ... SHUT UP ... SHUT UP - You are Killing ME - SHUT UPWords flew out of her mouth. If you DON'T SHUT UP, I'll send you away, you'll never see me or Daddy or your brother again. I'll send you far away, away from your family, away from everyone you love.STOP CRYING OR I WILL DIEI don't love you right now!I was drowning in a sea of tears ... alone, abandoned, and unloved.[Mama put on her beautiful blood red lipstick, lit a cigarette, then grabbed her purse and gloves.]So I screamed ... Please don't leave me ~ Please don't go!"Mama, please don't leave. I'm sorry Mama, I'll do anything you say. I love you. Please don't leave."Pushing her daughter aside, mama walked briskly toward the front door, her cigarette leaving a long slender trail. ]" Mama, please don't leave, I love you, I'm sorry, please love me. "[Mama's five inch stiletto heels clicked loudly on the hardwood floor. The front door creaked open, then slammed quickly shut]" Mama, please don't leave, I love you, I'm sorry, please love me. "[Outside the car door creaked opened and shut ... a minute later the engine purred to life. A second later the car began jerking forward.]I stood hugging the front door, my face pressed against the hard cold glass ... wanting, NEEDING desperately to be loved. I wept loudly as I watched Mama's car pulled out of the driveway. When I could no longer see her car, I slid down the front door onto the hardwood floor. No longer human, no longer part of the world ... I pressed my face and hands against the bottom of the door.Time stopped as I sat, locked in a pointless embrace, for all eternity. My bruised and tattered soul melted slowly into the door's wooden surface. A part of me will always be there, wooden, cold, shattered and alone, waiting for mama to return."Don't leave, I'm sorry, I love you, I'll be good, please don't hate me." I whispered.Throughout 10 unbearable years of ugly words and threats followed by dramatic exits, no one ever felt my pain, heard my sobs, or saw my tears. I can still hear mama telling me she didn't love me and calling me a stupid, thoughtless, selfish….

Answered by Arin

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