What is an incredible math fact? I need to write about one for an essay.

What is an incredible math fact? I need to write about one for an essay.


A few quick ones...Notches (cuts or indentation) on animal bones prove that humans have been doing mathematics since around 30,000 BC – much before farming or formal writing.The word “zero” derives from the Arabic word “sifr” which also gave us the English word “cipher” meaning “a secret way of writing.”In 1995 in Taipei, citizens were allowed to remove ‘4’ from street numbers because it sounded like ‘death’ in Chinese. Many Chinese hospitals do not have a 4th floor.In working out mathematical equations, the Greek mathematician Pythagoras used little rocks to represent numbers. Hence the name of calculus was born, which means pebbles in Greek.A fully occupied hotel with infinitely many rooms may still accommodate additional guests, even infinitely many of them, and that this process may be repeated infinitely often.Maybe tell your mother that next time she meets a big-mouth person at a party, babbling and showing off, she can make a comment like: "I know the exact mathematical equation which proves "an empty vessel makes a bigger sound.” The standing wave solution.When your mother bothers you about your disheveled work desk, you can say there is a theorem which says it is futile to neatly arrange things because in the long run, the universe is going towards more chaos. dS/dT > 0.As in people at a party, there are rational, irrational, complex, perfect, and even surreal numbers And if there are 57 people in that party, there is 99% chance that two of them share the same birthday. Refer to: Pigeonhole principle.

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