Music Heaven or 4 Websites to Catch up with All the Hits You’ve Missed Last Semester

Been feeling like you have been in a never ending cycle of projects, studying and exams? The pressure of finishing up a semester is no joke, and you might be feeling like you have lost touch with some of the best parts of college life like friends, hanging out and music. Little things, like being catching up with your favorite artist’s new works, are vital for keeping your sanity and helping you feel like you are still alive underneath the pile of textbooks and that endless paper you have been working on.
Three out of every four college students use music streaming services to search out, collect and listen to their favorite music. Here are the top 4 music streaming services to help you catch up on your music listening backlog.


According to one survey, Spotify is the most popular music service for young adults. This is probably because their library of music is massive and the interface is smooth and generally very user friendly. One of the best features of Spotify is its offline mode, which means that you can download and listen without worrying about a connection. This is perfect for those times when your dorm wifi connection is spotty at best. Access to exclusives is a little limited with Spotify, but their tightly polished service more than compensates. Spotify offers both free and paid subscriptions. Free is great if you blew your budget celebrating your friend’s birthday, but you can’t beat the paid service, especially with special student discounts.

Apple Music

Another crazy popular streaming choice for college students is Apple Music. This service is on par with Spotify in terms of quality and ease; however their library is larger due in part to access to more exclusive artists and tracks. This is the service to go with if you love exploring deeper into your favorite music genres. Apple Music uses expert curated playlist in addition to algorithms to offer you a cooler musical experience with more depth. This service does not have a free tier available, but you can check it out for free as part of a three month trial period. Once you commit, they offer a pretty steep student discount that will be music to your ears.


Deezer is your go to service if your tastes bend toward independent artists rather than mainstream music. This service has contracts with over two thousand labels, giving you exposure to tunes that are new and relevant or a little aged and smooth. Deezer hasn’t been around as long as Spotify and Apple Music, especially in the United States, but as a newer guy they don’t hold back when it comes to what you are looking for in a music streaming service. There is a limited free option, but shelling out the low subscription cost is worth it for the extra services you receive.


The cool thing about Pandora is its wide appeal and the chance that you are going to discover a new artist or song that you love. Pandora is probably the easiest music streaming service to use. Simply type in an artist, song or album and a custom playlist evolves with your input. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, fun service that makes it easy to program stations for individual situations, then Pandora is the way to go. Create a station for date night, bar night, study time, impressing parents and then blowing off steam after impressing the parents. Free service is available or you can pay for a non-interruption subscription.
Put the books down for a second and indulge in a few tunes. Play around with each of these services and discover which one speaks your musical language. College life is about more than academics, it is also about discovering music that stays with you for a lifetime.

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