Best 2016 TV Shows to Turn Your Holidays into a Cool Adventure

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There is no better way to decompress and leave the stress of college behind for a couple of weeks than indulging in the best TV shows of the year. Here are 5 of the hottest, binge worthy shows of the year that will up the cool factor of even the most boring holiday break.

Stranger Things: Supernatural. Take 2

The storyline of Stranger Things entangles the emotions of small town deception with supernatural nuances. A series of unusual events lead up to the disappearance of a child, which begins to destroy the structural matrix of the community. What you are soon to discover is that there are always multiple layers, some of which are terrifying. You will no doubt get hooked into the story immediately and it carries you as you become more emotionally invested with each episode. Binge watch it here.

Westworld: Utopia in Action

Westworld is a show that will not only spice up the slow days of your holiday, it can also illicit some intriguing convo with your friends. The premise of the show is a western themed amusement park where anything goes. High paying clients can enter Westworld and live out there most dangerous fantasies through virtual means with supposedly no consequences. Westworld will make you uncomfortable, in a good way. You will be provoked into thinking about some of the darkest areas of humanity, philosophical ideas and how scientific concepts intermingle with human condition. Fun, deep and more enjoyable than any psychology class. Learn more about Westworld here.

Girls: Good Old College Movie

Chances are that when you watch Girls you will find a little bit of yourself or someone that you know in the characters. With a storyline based on the experiences of a group of women in their early twenties, there is plenty here that will not only allow you to relate, but also see things from a new perspective. Girls embodies every college female with experiences that will anger you, make you laugh and at times even feel embarrassed for the characters. The tone is a little dark and cynical at times, which IMHO, fits the mood of a holiday break perfectly. With five seasons of history, there is plenty here to late night binge watch before starting the rumored final season this February. Check out the official site here.

Game of Thrones: No Way Escaping It

Ok, you might think that this show is so popular that it must be lame. But, there is a reason that this show gets more hits daily than any other show. The plot is rich, savage and entangled with nine families fighting over control of mythical lands. Combine this with a once dormant race set on destruction and you have a blend that equals an adventure and adrenaline cocktail. The cast is amazing, the stage and special effects awe inspiring and the script writing is intelligent and thorough. Game of Thrones is a guilty pleasure to get lost in while taking a break from reality. Just getting into the series? Get up to date here.

Pretty Little Liars: The Return of the Gossip Girl?

If you are over teen dramas that are filled with dull, stereotypical plots, then getting hooked on Pretty Little Liars might be the coolest thing you do this holiday. This show is seven seasons deep into the lives of four girls whose commonality is a missing friend and some pretty tense, dark secrets. Each of the main characters has her own subplot that really digs into the emotions and trials of young adult life. What might seem trivial at first ends up being deep and sucking you all the way in. Keep your PLL knowledge current by following their tweets.

These shows are some of the best 2016 had to offer and they are reason enough to say “Not going out tonight, sorry not sorry”. Push aside obligatory appearances this holiday season, watch some Netflix and actually have a cool break.

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