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10 Spring Break Tips for Freshmen and not Only

You have almost made it through your first year of college, and a major perk of making it through the drudgery of papers, exams, and projects is that you get to partake in the notorious college spring break finally. Regardless of the ways you plan to enjoy this time, here are ten tips to make your first college spring break memorable.

It Isn’t Too Late To Plan Early

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Spring break is so close that you can almost smell the scent of sunscreen and Sex on the Beach (the drink of course). That doesn’t mean that all is lost if you haven’t already made plans for a great getaway. Look around for sites that offer you great deals on travel and accommodations.

Go a Different Route

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Is the idea of a crowded beach and drunken strangers just not your thing? Try a different type of destination that will get you outside, soaking up the sun, working off that pent up energy. Chances are you won’t need to worry about tripping over the bodies of passed out spring break goers.

Drink Safe

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Letting loose with a few alcoholic drinks is almost synonymous with spring break. However, you want to make it back from spring break safely so that you can finish out your awesome freshman year. Follow some basic rules like setting limits for how much you will drink, always keep your hands on your drink or leave it in the hands of a trusted friend. Have an escape plan just in case you find yourself intoxicated somewhere that doesn’t feel comfortable and don’t even think about getting behind the wheel of that rental car.

Bring Your Own

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Are you looking forward to the spring break but having trouble scraping enough money together to cover all of your expenses? Get your friends together and agree to make most of your meals yourself, keep snacks in your rooms, cook by the campfire and save a ton by skipping the bar scene and taking your own brews down to the beach or having some pre-party fun in your room before heading out for the night.

Know What it Means to Be Safe

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In the heat of the moment, with all of the excitement, it can be easy to forget just how vulnerable you can be in an unfamiliar environment. Here is a great list of spring break safety precautions that covers just about every type of spring break experience.

Don’t Let a Spring Break Romance Ruin Your Life

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This isn’t a parental lecture; it is just straight up fact. If you plan on some sexy escapades keep yourself safe and appoint a designated friend that can remove you from a situation if he or she feels you are too drunk to make reasonable decisions.

Rent a Bike

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No matter where you decide to spend your break, even if you stay in town, rent a bike and explore quaint side streets or venture out on some off the beaten path biking and hiking trails.

Beware the Drunk Selfie

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It is tempting to post all of your slightly inebriated adventures on social media, but keep in mind that once something gets out there, it tends to stay out there no matter how careful you think you are with privacy settings. The reason you are in college is because you want a future, don’t blow it by leaving a trail of debauchery for future potential employers to stumble upon.

Have Fun!

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Seriously, don’t get so caught up in planning that it stresses you out, don’t get into petty arguments with your besties and remember that this time of your life is fleeting so you might as well make the most of it!
If you don’t want to wait for a spring break or you are don’t with it for this year, check our piece on the craziest campuses in the U.S. and keep having fun in college.
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The 7 Craziest U.S. College Campuses

No matter how wild or crazy you might think your college campus is, we can assure you that there are some even wilder ones out there. From crazy awesome dorms, cool clubs, dangerous nightlife and simply unforgettable experiences, here is a rundown of the seven craziest college campuses.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Simmons Hall could be one of the most famous college dorms ever. This building, nicknamed “The Sponge” for its appearance, acts more like a small city for its inhabitants with a theater, street-level dining and a silhouette that resembles a cityscape against the nighttime sky. Simmons Hall takes the stodginess out of dorm life and elevates it to an unprecedented level of crazy cool.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

If you have shunned off Wisconsin because of the cold winters, you might want to reconsider because apparently, the student body is hot enough to warm up even the most brutal of cold spells. Named sexiest college, with both the males and females ranking near a perfect ten, University of Wisconsin also comes with a high score on the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, meaning that the student population is hot and smart.

University of Colorado at Boulder

If being surrounded by majestic snowcapped mountains isn’t enough to make this university stand out, maybe the fact that the campus is known for the notorious 420 Smokeout gatherings will do the trick. You have to give “crazy” respect to a student population that actually managed to close down the college campus for a day because the marijuana clouds were just too thick.

Benedict College South Carolina

Unfortunately, not every school on the craziest campus list can be one to brag to your friends about, and Benedict College is an example. With one of the worst crime ratings for college campuses, Benedict College ranks among the most dangerous college campuses on several high authority lists. For every 1,000 students, there are approximately sixty reported incidences. Among the most frequently occurring are burglary, aggravated assault, illegal weapons passion and forcible sex acts.

Tulane University

Pretty much every list of top party schools is going to list Tulane University, but when you are located in a town like New Orleans, there is nothing to be surprised about. The atmosphere is always ripe for soaking in the nightlife, the street life, and the endless college party scene. Not yet legal drinking age? Don’t worry. Many New Orleans bars let you in at the tender age of 18, so there is no need to stay behind while everyone else is dancing and having some booze.

Northwestern University

Ugh, are these tales of drugs, debauchery and crime putting a damper on your sunny disposition? Maybe what you need is a trip to Northwestern University where their “crazy” comes in the form of utter happiness. The school has an actual Happiness club and celebrates Happiness Week every spring. What is so crazy about happiness? In this case it is more in the way that they share it with the rest of the world. It isn’t uncommon to find a random Happiness Club member blowing bubbles, giving out hugs to strangers, passing along lemonade and drawing stretches of happy art with sidewalk chalk.

Michigan State University

If you have bought into all of the Zombie Apocalypse hype, then Michigan State University might be your go to a crazy school. The University actually offers a course in Surviving the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. Luckily, you can take this online if that Zombies overtake the campus, although, with a party reputation of its own, the surrounding community might say that some of the student body is already among the walking dead.
If your campus seems a little lame compared to some of these, relax. It only takes one memorable event to give a campus a reputation. There is still plenty of time to get your school on this list next time around.

5 Professors You Have in College

Starting a new semester is an exciting time in your academic career. You might blindly choose your professors based solely on the classes you need, or you might study every possible review on your professors at RateMyProfessors.com before taking the plunge. Regardless of your style, there are 5 types of professors that you will have in college, better or worse, but all completely unavoidable.

Scarier Than a Horror Flick Professor

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This is the one that you try to avoid at all costs because the idea of living up to their expectations makes you sink in fear, but mostly it is the only option you have for that required class. This professor takes difficult and turns it into impossible. Your best is never good enough, and he or she is sure to humiliate you during lectures. It might seem like torture at the time, but the toughest professors are really just doing their job and encouraging you to put your absolute best into your academics. Buckle up and hone those study skills, this semester is going to be a bumpy ride.

The Hottie

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Good luck sliding into a slot in this class, but chances are you will be lucky enough to land in “The Hottie’s” class at least once in your college career. The Hottie is of course, attractive, but also so much more. The Hottie is charming, intelligent, kind and causes more combustible reactions than any chemistry experiment. At first, this sounds distracting, but the Hottie will always get you to show up to lecture, keep you awake while you are there and make you overperform, since you would never want to let the Hottie down. You might be surprised but Hottie is a great inspiration for girls too, as she is a real role model – smart and sexy at the same time.

The Mindless Professor

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This is the professor that will likely look out onto a room of students with an expression that questions why you are all there. The lectures are always scattered, and questions are addressed with a tirade that veers off into a completely irrelevant direction. How to spot the Mindless Professor? Look for the guy dressed in a 1980s suit, shirt half untucked, hair half combed that is sauntering into class about late, but not so late that you get to turn around and go back to bed. How to survive the mindless professor? Use this as a chance to perfect your self-sufficiency skills.

The Slow and Steady

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So this professor’s lectures aren’t the most exciting and the exams are at a reasonable level of difficulty. There is nothing exceptional about this professor either way, except for one thing -the value of their experience. The reason for this professor’s relaxed and confident approach is that he or she has years of experience, they know what they have to offer, and they know how to get the job done. You might fall asleep on occasion, but if you pay attention, this professor will be a valuable source for your entire college career and a likely author of one of those letters of recommendation that you will eventually need.

The Friendly Rabbit

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At first, this professor seems cool because it seems as though she or he is actually relating to you on your level. This is the professor that will greet you enthusiastically, share some personal stories, talk to you outside the class and maybe even remember your name. If you want to survive with the Friendly Rabbit, you have to understand the breed. Is this the type of professor that can have friendly relationships while still commanding mad respect in a lecture hall? If so, you hit the jackpot. If this professor’s friendly demeanor means he or she gets taken advantage of, then it can become really difficult to gain the knowledge that you need through the class. Seek out additional help from the TA or tutoring center and if possible, encourage your classmates to increase the level of maturity and show the Friendly Rabbit a little respect.

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How to Survive St. Patrick’s Day in College

We are working our way through the month of March, and as we near the middle of the month, and the big day marked off on your calendar with a green shamrock, you are probably getting excited about the possibilities of green beer and the potential to kiss a leprechaun, or at least someone dressed like one. They say that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and it seems only right to celebrate the day in the true Irish spirit. However, before you embark on all the drinking and shenanigans, it is important to remember that you need to survive the day in order to make it to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Consider this list of St. Patrick’s Day survival tips as your lucky charms.

Get Smart

Ok, you are already smart, but how much do you really know about St. Patrick’s Day? It only seems right to understand what you are celebrating and you can use your newfound knowledge to impress your friends with endless rounds of holiday trivia later at the bar.

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Have a Flexible Plan in Place

Many bars and pubs open a little early on St. Patrick’s Day to accommodate day-long binge drinking fests. You might plan on starting as early as 8 or 9 in the morning, and not stop until the last call. Great, but if you are going to accept the challenge, at least be realistic about how it is going to happen, otherwise, you might end up face down in a bucket of Guinness by 2 p.m.. In order to make sure that you space out your drinking, stay hydrated and actually eat at some point, try making a flexible agenda of where you want to go, where you want to eat and where you will stop for periods of recovery.

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Eat and Drink

Early in the day, set a slower pace for yourself when it comes to beer and boozy drinks. Stick with one drink per hour, with at least one to two glasses of water between each alcoholic beverage. Make sure you eat a solid breakfast and stop for lunch a few hours into your Irish escapades.

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Get in the Spirit with Some Celtic Music

Don’t let the day pass without blasting some great Celtic tunes. Have no idea of where to begin looking for Celtic artists? Check out this list.

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Don’t Drive

You know the rules; if you drink then you have no business behind the wheel of a car. You can go about solving your transportation issues in some ways. There is always a designated driver if you actually have a friend that you can trust not to run off and do Jameson shots with that dude in oversized, sparkly green eyeglasses. You can also check to see if your school or town is offering a special transit program to transport inebriated celebrants from one destination to the next, you can also use a taxi or similar service such as Uber.

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Do it Yourself

The best way to make sure you and your friends stay safe and have fun is to skip the bar scene altogether and have a party of your own. If you think you might have trouble luring your buddies away from traditional celebrations out on the town, try tempting them by serving up some emerald cocktails from this list of St. Patrick’s Day drinks.

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No matter how you decide to celebrate, remember to have fun, stay safe and make memories that would make any Irishman blush.

Spring 2017 To-Do List: Picks from LearnOk Team

Have you noticed a slight change in the air? The breeze is a little warmer, the days are finally a little longer, and you can actually head out the door without risk of frostbite. This combination points to one thing; spring is on its way. You will no doubt want to head outside and soak up a little sunshine and celebrate the fact that the drudges of winter, and this school year, are just about over. Just in case you need a little inspiration, we have gathered some ideas inside our LearnOk team to get you in the mood for brighter days and warmer nights.

Designer: Buy Some New Fitness Gear and Hit the Streets

I know you have been looking for an excuse to blow the budget on some new, stylish workout gear. At least it is what I did. Believe me, it’s your chance to amp up your fitness style while finally making good on that resolution to sculpt those thighs. Throw on your new gear and hit the streets for a springtime run. See you there 🙂

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Content Manager: Recreate the Beach at Home

Yes, I agree, the climbing temps might not yet be beach worthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little beach time fun. My advice is simple: get a kiddie pool, add sand and a few beach toys, set up a fire pit, fill your cooler with your favorite brew and stock up on some more fitting paraphernalia. Then invite your friends over for a pre-season beach bash.

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Editor: Act Like a Kid

Personally I think that you should ask yourself what you liked to do the most during your childhood springs. Was it flying a kite, blowing bubbles, letting out your inner artist with sidewalk chalk or maybe busting out your skateboard for the first time in months? Whatever got you in the mood for spring then, can be twice as much fun now when you indulge your inner child with a playful blast from the past. I still can’t get enough of slides!

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Developer: Have a Tree Climbing Contest

Don’t listen to the folks above! What they have suggested is nothing compared to the climbing trees spring contest. Get your friends together and tackle that monster tree on campus. You know, the one that you tried climbing once or twice after a indulging a bit too much at the pub downtown. Except for this time, make it a pre-bar hopping event, and the winner doesn’t pay for a single drink all night.

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Tutors: Play in the Rain

Our tutors – as it turned out – are eager to do something that gives a real feeling of spring! Their recipe is: when the clouds burst open, grab your buddies and have a puddle jumping contest or just run around like a nut, the only rule is you have to leave the rain gear at home. Just be careful of what you wear or you might “accidentally” start a wet t-shirt contest.

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Project-Manager: Invite Your Friends to an Epic Picnic

Thank you for listing everything we can do at the next picnic I am planning already 🙂 Seriously, why not get everyone out for the first picnic of the year. You can do some outdoor sports, like badminton (yes, in a new running gear, why not), climb trees and if you are not lucky – dance under the rain.

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Spring is here, so take the chance to get your nose out of that book, put down that project and release all of that pent-up energy with a little springtime fun.

Your Roommate: More Than a Roommate?

The day you graduate from college there are a couple of things that you are going to take with you. The first, of course, is that hard earned degree that is going to propel you to the career of your dreams. You will also leave with memories and friendships that will forever define this time of your life. Some of the most important relationships that are formed while at college involve roommates. You might love them, you might hate them, but studies show that college roommates make a real difference in your life. If you get dealt a good hand in the roommate department, that person that you share a cubicle sized living space with can play multiple roles in your life. A roommate is more than “just” a roommate. Here are a few of the unexpected roles that they fill.

The Coach

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You finally got away from your parents, but sometimes you need someone to fill the parental void. A good roommate is a motivator that will tell you when you need to get your sweatpants-clad bum off the futon and work on your lab report or encourage you to take a shower after sulking around days after a breakup. We all need some accountability and the coach will make that happen.

The Cell Mate

Sometimes having roommates can feel a bit like a prison, but chances are you will have at least one roommate that is always willing to stir things up on the cell block and get into some trouble (the good kind of trouble). These will be the memories that you will laugh about forever, and they wouldn’t be possible without this roommate.

The Powerhouse

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Worried about gaining the “freshman fifteen” or letting your workout slide in favor of sleeping off last night’s festivities? The powerhouse won’t let you. They keep healthy food in the fridge, they work out and they encourage you to do the same. One study showed that if you have a roommate that is focused on improving their health that you are more likely to do the same. Those sexy abs and legs are all your work, but don’t forget to give props to the roommate that motivated you to achieve human masterpiece status.

The Plus One

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It is an unwritten rule that your roommate serves as your date whenever the waters of love are running dry. Need someone to be your “plus one” at your cousins wedding? Want to catch the midnight release of a movie but don’t want to go alone? Need a listening ear over lunch after a tough exam? With a good roomie, you never worry about going it alone.

The Therapist

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Let’s be honest, few people know you the way your roommate does. They see you first thing in the morning, they smell your morning breath, they help you through (or share) the aftermath of a night out, they see you at your best and your worst. Home is where you let it all out, and that includes everything that is on your mind. A roommate is a natural therapist that has your best interests in mind, but offers a different perspective. Even if their advice is shady, you can vent and feel like someone has your back no matter what.


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This is college roommate gold. Years from now you will still be in touch with this roommate because the friendship you formed is so strong and the memories that you make together will strengthen a lifetime of friendship. They are so important to you now that it seems impossible to ever live without them, and if you both commit to keeping your friendship a priority, even after college, you will never have to worry about letting them go.
No matter how you feel about having a roommate, keep yourself open to the possibilities. Having a roommate is about so much more than sharing a space and having someone to help clean up after a party. Your college roommate can be your best friend for life.

Music Heaven or 4 Websites to Catch up with All the Hits You’ve Missed Last Semester

Been feeling like you have been in a never ending cycle of projects, studying and exams? The pressure of finishing up a semester is no joke, and you might be feeling like you have lost touch with some of the best parts of college life like friends, hanging out and music. Little things, like being catching up with your favorite artist’s new works, are vital for keeping your sanity and helping you feel like you are still alive underneath the pile of textbooks and that endless paper you have been working on.
Three out of every four college students use music streaming services to search out, collect and listen to their favorite music. Here are the top 4 music streaming services to help you catch up on your music listening backlog.


According to one survey, Spotify is the most popular music service for young adults. This is probably because their library of music is massive and the interface is smooth and generally very user friendly. One of the best features of Spotify is its offline mode, which means that you can download and listen without worrying about a connection. This is perfect for those times when your dorm wifi connection is spotty at best. Access to exclusives is a little limited with Spotify, but their tightly polished service more than compensates. Spotify offers both free and paid subscriptions. Free is great if you blew your budget celebrating your friend’s birthday, but you can’t beat the paid service, especially with special student discounts.

Apple Music

Another crazy popular streaming choice for college students is Apple Music. This service is on par with Spotify in terms of quality and ease; however their library is larger due in part to access to more exclusive artists and tracks. This is the service to go with if you love exploring deeper into your favorite music genres. Apple Music uses expert curated playlist in addition to algorithms to offer you a cooler musical experience with more depth. This service does not have a free tier available, but you can check it out for free as part of a three month trial period. Once you commit, they offer a pretty steep student discount that will be music to your ears.


Deezer is your go to service if your tastes bend toward independent artists rather than mainstream music. This service has contracts with over two thousand labels, giving you exposure to tunes that are new and relevant or a little aged and smooth. Deezer hasn’t been around as long as Spotify and Apple Music, especially in the United States, but as a newer guy they don’t hold back when it comes to what you are looking for in a music streaming service. There is a limited free option, but shelling out the low subscription cost is worth it for the extra services you receive.


The cool thing about Pandora is its wide appeal and the chance that you are going to discover a new artist or song that you love. Pandora is probably the easiest music streaming service to use. Simply type in an artist, song or album and a custom playlist evolves with your input. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, fun service that makes it easy to program stations for individual situations, then Pandora is the way to go. Create a station for date night, bar night, study time, impressing parents and then blowing off steam after impressing the parents. Free service is available or you can pay for a non-interruption subscription.
Put the books down for a second and indulge in a few tunes. Play around with each of these services and discover which one speaks your musical language. College life is about more than academics, it is also about discovering music that stays with you for a lifetime.

25 Scientific Facts to Impress Her Father

25 Scientific Facts to Impress Her Father
You have finally made it to the point in your relationship where she wants to introduce you to her dad. You are about to realize that when you date the girl, you also date her parents and most of the time the dad is not going to be so keen on your polished charms.

What’s a guy to do? Blow him away with your mind!

These scientific facts will either impress him or leave him confused enough to not realize that you just snuck out the door with his daughter.

Fact #1. He knows his girl has the most beautiful eyes. Point out to him that her eyes are the exact same size as the day she was born. Keep the fact that she closes them when she kisses you to yourself.
Fact #2. You weren’t born with knee caps. Most children don’t develop them until between the ages of five and seven. This means that if you started dating his daughter when you were four he would not have been able to threaten to break your knee caps.
Fact #3. Show him your safe sex IQ by filling him in on the fact that condoms have been in use for nearly four hundred years. Resist the urge to pull one out and examine the expiration date at the dinner table.
Fact #4. If he asks what you think is special and unique about his daughter, tell him you can’t get enough of her tongue print. Each person’s is as individual as their fingerprints.
Fact #5. Show him your love of nature by filling him in on the fact that echidnas have four penis heads while female kangaroos sport three vaginas.
Fact #6. If he accuses you of being dim, let him know that your brain operates with the same amount of power as a 10-watt light bulb.
Fact #7. Share your medical knowledge with him. Right before you get frostbite, you get frost nip.
Fact #8. The human nose is capable of remembering up to 50,000 different scents. Humans put off different scents based on stress and emotions. This helps to biologically protect ourselves, especially against angry fathers.
Fact #9. If he worries that you are keeping her out too late, tell him that bullfrogs never sleep and they do just fine.
Fact #10. There are some fruit flies that are genetically incapable of becoming intoxicated.
Fact #11. Make sure you are clean shaven and let him know that you did so for the sake of his daughter’s health. Not only can facial hair harbor e coli which you can smear all over her face, but one man’s beard grew so long that he met his death when he tripped over it, something that you will never let happen to his daughter.
Fact #12. Does he like the fizzy sound of a freshly poured brew? That is the same sound that icebergs make when they melt. This is a great way to get into the heated topic of global warming.
Fact #13. If he tells you he can spot a tiger by its stripes this could be true. Each tiger has a stripe pattern that is completely unique.
Fact #14. He thinks she is sweet as honey, you think she is intoxicating. If she is anything like Himalayan Honey Bee you are both correct. The honey they produce is actually a hallucinogenic.
Fact #15. Her eyes are just blue as the sky; they are blue as the sunset on Mars.
Fact #16. It is impossible to sneeze in your sleep.
Fact #17. Tell him that a little fat around the middle is ok, after all the brain is composed of almost 60% fat.
Fact #18. Even if he threatens to kill you, his daughter’s touch will still give you goose bumps since it is possible to get them even post mortem.
Fact #19. Does he have his eye on you? So would an iguana with their three eyes.
Fact #20. Fill him in on an alternative use for his Viagra subscription. When crushed and put in water the little blue pill can extend the life of cut flowers.
Fact #21. There are no ants on Antarctica, but Mother Nature keeps it in balance with a single colony of ants that spans three continents.
Fact #22. Urine is a natural teeth whitener.
Fact #23. You have enough blood vessels in your body to wrap around the world twice. He might want to test this out with you, don’t let him.
Fact #24. He might be interested in optogenetics, which were used to implant false, negative memories into the brains of mice. Maybe he really can brainwash his daughter into not dating you.

If all else fails…

Fact #25. Greet him with a kiss. If he looks at you weird, just tell him that is how prairie dogs do it.

21 Cool Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

21 Cool Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

As you navigated your way through adolescence, you had one goal in sight – your twenty first birthday. There are only a few landmark birthdays and this is one of them. All of those times you had to decide to play it safe and good or risk getting caught each time you wanted to join your friends for a drink or other “adult only” adventures are a thing of the past. Continue reading “21 Cool Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday”