The 7 Craziest U.S. College Campuses

No matter how wild or crazy you might think your college campus is, we can assure you that there are some even wilder ones out there. From crazy awesome dorms, cool clubs, dangerous nightlife and simply unforgettable experiences, here is a rundown of the seven craziest college campuses.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Simmons Hall could be one of the most famous college dorms ever. This building, nicknamed “The Sponge” for its appearance, acts more like a small city for its inhabitants with a theater, street-level dining and a silhouette that resembles a cityscape against the nighttime sky. Simmons Hall takes the stodginess out of dorm life and elevates it to an unprecedented level of crazy cool.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

If you have shunned off Wisconsin because of the cold winters, you might want to reconsider because apparently, the student body is hot enough to warm up even the most brutal of cold spells. Named sexiest college, with both the males and females ranking near a perfect ten, University of Wisconsin also comes with a high score on the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, meaning that the student population is hot and smart.

University of Colorado at Boulder

If being surrounded by majestic snowcapped mountains isn’t enough to make this university stand out, maybe the fact that the campus is known for the notorious 420 Smokeout gatherings will do the trick. You have to give “crazy” respect to a student population that actually managed to close down the college campus for a day because the marijuana clouds were just too thick.

Benedict College South Carolina

Unfortunately, not every school on the craziest campus list can be one to brag to your friends about, and Benedict College is an example. With one of the worst crime ratings for college campuses, Benedict College ranks among the most dangerous college campuses on several high authority lists. For every 1,000 students, there are approximately sixty reported incidences. Among the most frequently occurring are burglary, aggravated assault, illegal weapons passion and forcible sex acts.

Tulane University

Pretty much every list of top party schools is going to list Tulane University, but when you are located in a town like New Orleans, there is nothing to be surprised about. The atmosphere is always ripe for soaking in the nightlife, the street life, and the endless college party scene. Not yet legal drinking age? Don’t worry. Many New Orleans bars let you in at the tender age of 18, so there is no need to stay behind while everyone else is dancing and having some booze.

Northwestern University

Ugh, are these tales of drugs, debauchery and crime putting a damper on your sunny disposition? Maybe what you need is a trip to Northwestern University where their “crazy” comes in the form of utter happiness. The school has an actual Happiness club and celebrates Happiness Week every spring. What is so crazy about happiness? In this case it is more in the way that they share it with the rest of the world. It isn’t uncommon to find a random Happiness Club member blowing bubbles, giving out hugs to strangers, passing along lemonade and drawing stretches of happy art with sidewalk chalk.

Michigan State University

If you have bought into all of the Zombie Apocalypse hype, then Michigan State University might be your go to a crazy school. The University actually offers a course in Surviving the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. Luckily, you can take this online if that Zombies overtake the campus, although, with a party reputation of its own, the surrounding community might say that some of the student body is already among the walking dead.
If your campus seems a little lame compared to some of these, relax. It only takes one memorable event to give a campus a reputation. There is still plenty of time to get your school on this list next time around.

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