5 Professors You Have in College

Starting a new semester is an exciting time in your academic career. You might blindly choose your professors based solely on the classes you need, or you might study every possible review on your professors at RateMyProfessors.com before taking the plunge. Regardless of your style, there are 5 types of professors that you will have in college, better or worse, but all completely unavoidable.

Scarier Than a Horror Flick Professor

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This is the one that you try to avoid at all costs because the idea of living up to their expectations makes you sink in fear, but mostly it is the only option you have for that required class. This professor takes difficult and turns it into impossible. Your best is never good enough, and he or she is sure to humiliate you during lectures. It might seem like torture at the time, but the toughest professors are really just doing their job and encouraging you to put your absolute best into your academics. Buckle up and hone those study skills, this semester is going to be a bumpy ride.

The Hottie

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Good luck sliding into a slot in this class, but chances are you will be lucky enough to land in “The Hottie’s” class at least once in your college career. The Hottie is of course, attractive, but also so much more. The Hottie is charming, intelligent, kind and causes more combustible reactions than any chemistry experiment. At first, this sounds distracting, but the Hottie will always get you to show up to lecture, keep you awake while you are there and make you overperform, since you would never want to let the Hottie down. You might be surprised but Hottie is a great inspiration for girls too, as she is a real role model – smart and sexy at the same time.

The Mindless Professor

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This is the professor that will likely look out onto a room of students with an expression that questions why you are all there. The lectures are always scattered, and questions are addressed with a tirade that veers off into a completely irrelevant direction. How to spot the Mindless Professor? Look for the guy dressed in a 1980s suit, shirt half untucked, hair half combed that is sauntering into class about late, but not so late that you get to turn around and go back to bed. How to survive the mindless professor? Use this as a chance to perfect your self-sufficiency skills.

The Slow and Steady

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So this professor’s lectures aren’t the most exciting and the exams are at a reasonable level of difficulty. There is nothing exceptional about this professor either way, except for one thing -the value of their experience. The reason for this professor’s relaxed and confident approach is that he or she has years of experience, they know what they have to offer, and they know how to get the job done. You might fall asleep on occasion, but if you pay attention, this professor will be a valuable source for your entire college career and a likely author of one of those letters of recommendation that you will eventually need.

The Friendly Rabbit

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At first, this professor seems cool because it seems as though she or he is actually relating to you on your level. This is the professor that will greet you enthusiastically, share some personal stories, talk to you outside the class and maybe even remember your name. If you want to survive with the Friendly Rabbit, you have to understand the breed. Is this the type of professor that can have friendly relationships while still commanding mad respect in a lecture hall? If so, you hit the jackpot. If this professor’s friendly demeanor means he or she gets taken advantage of, then it can become really difficult to gain the knowledge that you need through the class. Seek out additional help from the TA or tutoring center and if possible, encourage your classmates to increase the level of maturity and show the Friendly Rabbit a little respect.

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